Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Myartspace, the Free and Open Community for the Art World

myartspace is the premier online social network for the art world. It prides itself on being an open, free community that is inclusive of a wide variety of artists from all over the world.

By community, we mean artists, collectors, educators, curators, students and more. We also mean painters, photographers, videographers, sculptures and more.

By open, we mean that members are free to express themselves through their work – with an ability to upload an unlimited amount of images, video and music. They can build galleries that contain images, narration, music and video to build a meaningful experience for the viewer.

myartspace intends to keep the network open, free, fast and easy. As a matter of fact, we’ll be introducing some open-source support in 2008 so that people can build their own gallery presentation software to work with myartspace and distribute to the community.

Premium Services

We at myartspace have noticed that there are many artists in our community that want more professional capabilities in a site. They are using myartspace as their online presence, as their commercial network to raise their awareness level, and increasingly as their vehicle to sell their work.

myartspace has decided to launch “premium services for artists” . This is an optional paid subscription service aimed at those artists that seek additional features, speed, flexibility and capabilities for a very modest annual cost. Participation in the paid subscription service is totally optional and at the discretion of the artists. The standard “free” subscription to myartspace will remain free and continue to be expanded in terms of features and capabilities. The premium services is $40 per year if you sign up by December 31, 2007. The normal annual fee is $75.

To name just a few features included in the premium service:

• A personalized URL (web address) for the artists on myartspace

• Two different gallery templates to display their work – the traditional flash gallery and a new more vertically oriented HTML gallery

• A private copy of “Inside Art Edge”, a new bi- weekly bulletin that highlights opportunities for artists – scholarships, contests, fellowships, interesting events and even bargains.

• A Press Release capability so artists can make announcements and have them broadcast and syndicated around the globe through myartspace

• A personal event posting service so artists can alert their peers, friends and buyers of upcoming events (such as solo or group shows). Premium services allow you to integrate you own personal work into an eVite that can be sent out to your contact list.

• Two different “personal profile/home” pages – the traditional one and a
professional one that allows the inclusion of music and video on the page

• A performance boost for your gallery playback with “SmartCache for myartspace”. This creates a fast, ready‐made version of your gallery that can start up quicker than the normal gallery speed.

• Weekly analytical reports that provide insights into how frequently your creative work has been viewed.

• Adobe PDF generation for your galleries. This allows artists to be able to generate electronic “books” of their work which can be easily printed.

• Handy tools to allow artists to re‐arrange the order/sequence of images in a gallery, or even the order in which galleries appear to the world.

For more information:

Email Questions to: info@catmacart.com

Download A Brochure at: http://www.myartspace.com/premium/psbrochure.pdf

View A slide show at: http://www.myartspace.com/premium

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