Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Art Space News: Yuliya Lanina at Scope Miami

Yuliya Lanina has been very busy since last I spoke with her. I remember viewing her work at DiVA in New York. Haunting child-like laughter beckoned viewers to enter the darkened room where her work was displayed during that event. Currently, her work can be found at Scope- Miami with ADA gallery (Richmond, VA). Her video "Journey" will be shown with Patrick Heide Gallery (London) at Aqua art fair in Miami. Yuliya's display at Scope can be found at Booth 48.

Yuliya had the following to say about her works:

"I explore cultural identity and sexuality through images of perverse yet innocent dolls. Taking cute and cuddly ready-mades and turning them into fetishistic objects, I construct my work on the intensity of coexistence of opposite extremes and remains open to a multiplicity of interpretations. Having worked with dance troupes, large sets and installations in the past left me with the desire to create self-contained experiences and stories, having full control over the creative process and the result. I also found it easier to talk about loaded topics such as sexual violence, neglect, addictions and cultural identity through surrogate dolls instead of live actors. I explore those themes through images of perverse yet innocent dolls that act and perform in an adult-like manner.

By incorporating ready-mades I comment on the objective existence of those issues in our culture. By taking cute and cuddly dolls and turning them into fetishistic objects I strive to create mixed feelings in the viewer, mixing appeal and amusement with fear and repulsion. I also hope to engage the viewer in a new way by adding another level of interaction with the work: a minute long acts of my pieces. Humor plays an important role in my work. I enjoy having people laugh at my pieces, for only when one laughs at their own absurdity is there a chance for change. Laughter is also a way of trying to stay away from being didactic or moralistic. My stages capture visions where the actors can be animated by the viewer’s participation. "Lullaby", a stage presented at Scope Art Fair by ADA Gallery (Richmond, VA), is a commentary on the loss of childhood innocence, which results in delusion and heightened awareness"

You can find Yuliya Lanina on Her login name is yuliyalanina. The Myartspace community wishes Yuliya the best of luck with the art fairs.

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