Sunday, February 08, 2009

Art Blog Buzz: Recent buzz from the art side of the blogosphere

Showing some support for a few art bloggers I admire. If I missed anyone don't take it personal. Just send me a nasty email or something.

Christopher Reiger discusses the art of Marco Evaristti , worms (kinda), and a number of issues in a post that is by far one of the longest blog entries I’ve ever seen-- even when compared to some of mine. I will read it on the Hungry Hyaena when I have time.

Lisa Mikulski’s ArtLook takes a look at how to increase creativity , shows Americans for the Arts support, and asks the age old question, when can you call yourself an artist?

Dion Archibald’s Art News Blog covers sleep and art, the problem with mass produced paintings from China, and offer yet another example of an art scammer at work.

Edward Winkleman discusses the Maureen Mullarkey Proposition 8 controversy, offers advice for artists seeking gallery representation, and mentions ideas about renewing support for the Arts in the US on the Winkleman Blog .

Paddy Johnson’s Art Fag City discusses some fallacies involving the Brandeis University controversy, mentions Matt Held’s Facebook portrait project , and offers a nice slice of onion .

Take care, Stay true,

Brian Sherwin
Senior Editor
New York Art Exchange


JafaBrit's Art said...

naw, wouldn't take it personal LOL! You picked a primo list for good reason. My particular favourite being Dion's ArtNews.

Donald Frazell said...

Dion turned me on to JJs blog at The Guardian in England. He throws out topics and then others basically write the articles. Shooting down academic types all the time over there. Its mostly English, but every other article is some absurd thing he writes for effect, usually international in scope.

Its the best newspaper blog i have seen, but here in LA has some topics beyond our area, the NY times blog is terrible, mostly fluff, and written like a pop rag, dissapointing.

Dion is stil my boy, and will post everything that is not TOO personal or scaming or stupid, with some bad language accepted. SOME, but be nice, i try to be, but its SOOOOO hard to.

He's the only one to never delete a post of mine, the Guardian has gotten used to my butt wuppins over there, and doesnt check me anymore. Paddys is a party site, about the art scene and lifetyle, rarely art. Eddies is just insipid, vacuous, effeminant, and comletely insulated from reality. But then, that IS the art world, or was. Contempt art is sooo over

As always,
art academia delenda est

Balhatain said...

I promise to include you in my grab bag next time JafaBrit.:)

Donald, I like Dion's blog because it is easy reading. He does take a few bites when he wants to as far as criticism goes.

Paddy can be very critical of certain aspects of the art world-- I also like her sarcasm at times.

I like some of the views that Ed has and the debate on his blog can be entertaining to view on the sidelines because it almost always ends up being a clash of political views.

Donald Frazell said...

Paddy is good for "art world" news and "new tech" toy stuff, but basically is jsut a diary of a small subculture of America, not about Art.

Eddie is thin skinned, cant take conflicting points of view, and hass the same ole pseudo intellectual bunch day after day. No "dialogue' at all, as the artistes love to claim. What conflict there is is of such a miniscule sliver of humanity, that it is truly meaningless. And he is always preaching to teh choir, he delets anyone that give conflicting fact. Weak. And extince, his ways and views are taht of a dinosaur. Of that which is no more. Thank god.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I was just joshing Balhatain :)