Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cow Tipping… Damien Hirst Style

Hirst's Mother & Child Divided (BBC)

BBC reports that a promotional model cow located near Damien Hirst’s exhibit at Torre Abbey in Devon has been stolen “several times“ despite an increase in security measures. The model cow-- used to promote Hirst’s Mother & Child Divided-- has been found in various places-- normally “grazing“ near the exhibit location. However, the cow has not been found since the last theft.

Apparently the ‘cow tipper’s’ have stealth skills matched only by Banksy-- in that their identities were not revealed during the theft nor were any clues left at the scene of the crime. Normally I would find a protest-- if that is what this is-- against Hirst’s work amusing. Unfortunately, the model cow was to be used for a children’s competition. Let it be known that a local business is offering 10 milkshakes for the return of the model cow!

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