Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Exhibition at NYAXE Gallery in Palo Alto, CA

Catherine McCormack-Skiba, the founder of, speaks with a NYAXE Gallery visitor.

The opening of the Spring Exhibition at NYAXE Gallery was held on May 21st. The exhibit featured works by members Jane Fulton Alt, Leah Tomaino, and Miles Holbert-- the finalists of the most recent NYAXE Gallery representation competition on Seventeen artists from the community were represented digitally at the gallery space.

The exhibit opened at 6pm and came to a close at 10pm. A steady flow of gallery visitors were present-- over 100 people were counted during the early hours of the opening. The technology, powerful works of contemporary art, and music set the pace of the environment as cocktails were served. The event was yet another successful example of the meshing between the physical and online art world.
NYAXE Gallery visitors view a work of art by Leah Tomaino

NYAXE Gallery in Palo Alto, CA officially opened on February 26th, 2009. The exhibit on May 21st marks the second exhibit featuring members. The represented artists are chosen from a selective-- ongoing --competition that allows members of the community to compete for NYAXE Gallery representation. For more information visit,

The digitally represented artists for the May 21st NYAXE Gallery exhibit:

Lisa Mistiuk, Edie Nadelhaft, Martin H.M Schreiber, Hans Meertens, Carla Falb, Jovan Villalba, Reka Nyari, Syed Zaman, Viviane Vives, Bill Bosler, Pau Guerrero-Prado, Bob Martin, Jagna Wesolowska, Jason Wolfe, Lucille Dweck, Thomas C Chung, Peter Tankey

NYAXE Gallery in Palo Alto, CA positions as one of only a few social art sites to have a physical presence in the form of a brick & mortar gallery-- as well as the only online art community to have a physical gallery presence in the heart of Silicon Valley. The NYAXE Gallery places members art within reach of some of the most powerful-- and wealthy-- professionals in the United States. is the leading online social network for the contemporary art world. Dubbed "the biggest network you never heard of" by The Next Web and as one of the top six social art sites according to Mashable, the site continues to experience dramatic reception by the art community. myartspace was the first site to offer compelling, integrated presentation technology -- the ability to blend images of art, music, video and audio narration all online. The company also distinguishes itself by being a free and open community in that all members can upload an unlimited number of images, videos and music.

The competition is free for Premium members to enter. You can learn more about Premium membership on by visiting the following page, You can learn more about the current represented artists by visiting,
Link of Interest:
NYAXE Gallery Representation Winners. May 21, 2009 Exhibit

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John F Martin said...

Enjoyed the opening. Surprised to see my picture posted. Must be the hat! The gallery is a great idea and separates your group from the other art groups.