Friday, March 20, 2009

Art Space Talk Quotes #5

Here is another group of artist quotes taken from the Art Space Talk series of interviews. This group of quotes deals with aspects of the economy, politics, or culture. You can read the Art Space Talk series of interviews by visiting, Enjoy.

Concerning the economy, politics, and culture:

“Which comes first, art or politics? I think art becomes the reflection and the record of time…but life is politics, and usually art imitates life, except occasionally when life imitates art.” -- Wafaa Bilal

“The thing is life is full of contradictions, it keeps things interesting, certain people try to live out their lives through products and brands, it's excepted in our society that shopping is a 'hobby' and wearing brands depicts your of a certain 'stature' or 'class'. What I noticed recently with the down turn in the economy is that people are still going to the shops, it's as if their lives have become programmed to do that, no matter whether they have money or not.” -- D*Face

“I use the Financial Times newspaper stock listings as I think of the stock market as a global dream-world that literally flows through all of us. This for me is a contemporary form of landscape…” -- Gordon Cheung

“I feel that everyone views the world through the lens of there past experiences. That being said I've lived a life that has been full of exchanges like the ones you see in my work. I see today’s world as a place where everyone has reverted back to their state of nature doing whatever it takes to get theirs. I think that this perspective resonates with people today in our current economic and political times.“ -- Cleon Peterson

“I'm really not sure that art can spur change, at least in America. Art isn't mainstream enough in the whole country. It is largely the playground for the rich; it is still fundamentally elitist, despite the increase of museum attendance.” -- Susan Crile

“Popular culture isn’t a myth, it is culture, it is spirituality, it is our heritage. The beauty of media is its ability to expose freedom of speech, or the lack of it.” -- Anthony Lister

“I believe that it is important for the artist, painter, poet, dancer, etc. to keep in mind that it is the art that drives the art world and not the other way around. Artists and other people of intelligence have the power to bring deeper content to our culture.” -- Thornton Willis

“There is lots of Porn or politics in my art...because there is lots of porn and politics in our lives. Sometimes people get pissed, but that is even better because it proves that your work is making people feel. At least they feel it!" -- Miky Fabrega

Feel free to comment about any of the quotes listed above. Can you relate to their words? Do you take a different position? You can read the Art Space Talk series of interviews by visiting, Enjoy.

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