Monday, December 15, 2008

Edward Winkleman: How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery

Edward Winkleman, an art dealer from New York, has written a book dealing with the many aspects of running a commercial art gallery. Winkleman announced his book, titled How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery, on his popular art blog. The book is designed for individuals who have considered opening their first gallery. However, it appears that there will be useful information within the book for artists and others. How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery by Edward Winkleman will be released in July of 2009 and will be published by Allworth Press.

On his blog Winkleman stated that he did have some hesitation about the announcement, stating, “as the world economic situation crumbled all around us, I thought it a particularly cruel joke by God that this would be the backdrop against which I announced a book titled How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery.”. However, based on the comments he has received so far it would seem that people view the book in a positive light. I look forward to reading it.

Winkleman commented on his blog, “The marketing copy and the copious caveats throughout the book do take pains to stress that not only is a gallery a very organically grown and individualized enterprise but that although it's possible to summarize the advice and best practices of the dealers I've interviewed and known over the years, outside of legal and business regulations, there are no hard and fast rules for running a commercial gallery, and the most successful new dealers are the ones who re-invent the business. In short, it's a book for beginners. I wouldn't dream to suggest it contains anything that established dealers would need to know.”

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