Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Art Advice: Ask a Question

I don't know why I did not think of this before! As you may know, I ask people to send My Art Advice questions to my email or to my account on,, or For now on simply ask your question here. It will be easier for me to keep track of what has been asked. From this point on I will include a label 'Ask a Question' on all My Art Advice posts so that everyone can refer to this post to see what has been asked already and add new questions if they want. I moderate comments so if you have a question that you do not want me to make public be sure to let me know or comment anonymous so that it can be made public without being attached to your identity, so to speak. You can still contact me by email or on one of my profiles, but I can't promise that I will read it.

Take care, Stay true,

Brian Sherwin


Anonymous said...

Do you think that the internet combined with art fairs will force galleries to change the way that they operate? I think galleries will have to adapt to the technology of today and larger venues in order to thrive.

Anonymous said...

You wrote about art materials and health a long time ago. Where can I learn more about the materials in oil paint? I don't know if my studio is safe or not.

Anonymous said...

I've been saving up money for a house but I thought maybe I should invest some of that money in my career. I sent a message to your email also that goes into more detail. Do you have any advice?

Anonymous said...

I am writing to you, as I need some advice, and I hope you can help me.
I am an artist (predominately a painter/sketch artist) and have been exhibiting frequesntly for the past two-three years. I have multiple websites, online galleries, and am members of many artist networking sites, and I have been getting a really fantastic response to my artwork. And that is GREAT! Keeps me optomistic.
However, I am having a MAJOR issue with sales - or lack thereof. I can't seem to sell ANYTHING. I wouldn't dare say that it's not worth it to keep pursuing my dream of making a living from my artwork (my ultimate goal is to be able to quit my day job - realistically, I'm not expecting to become a millionaire)... and I just don't know what I am doing wrong here.
I calculate the cost of a piece by cost of supplies, size of the piece, and time spent on each (my range is from $75 - $2000), I advertise constantly, physically and online, but I just can't seem to get a SALE.
Any thoughts? Words of wisdom?
ANything you may be able to provide is greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance!
Betsy Jones