Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Myartspace NY NY 2007 Competition Group Show in Chelsea

A sea of faces for a world of talent...

Myartspace.com, the premier online social network for the art world, reveals once again that it is a progressive site for art collectors, gallery owners, and artists.The opening reception for the Myartspace.com "New York, New York 2007" Competition Group Show in Chelsea was a great success! The group show opened at the McCormack Gallery in Chelsea, New York on November 1st. The show will be on display through November 22nd.

Minkyung Lee, winner and Young Wook Song, Finalist of NY NY 2007 Competition at the opening reception.

Three winners were selected from a list of 50 finalists from the myartspace "New York, New York 2007" competition-- Vincent Como, Minkyung Lee, and Masha Ryskin. The finalists were chosen by three very respected members of the global art community-- Jessica Morgan, curator of contemporary art at the Tate Modern, James Rondeau, curator of contemporary art at the Art Institute of Chicago and Steven Zevitas, Publish and Editor of New American Paintings. Also showing is video work by myartspace finalist Chadwick Gibson and past competition winners Susan Cook, Ilona Niemi , Scott Talley and Micke Tong.

The exhibit at the McCormack Gallery offers a unique blend of art to observe. Gallery patrons, which included curators, established artists, and members of the press, noted the diversity of work on display. Each artist revealed work that was solid in execution and concept-- each artist stood out and made his or her own mark within the context of the exhibit space. The exhibit was designed to focus on the individual talents of the exhibiting artists and to reveal the progressive nature of Myartspace.com in general.
Crowds gather around the work of Vincent Como, NY NY 2007 Winner.

It is rare to find an exhibit that has a degree of focus on the mechanics of what an exhibit can be. In many ways the New York, New York 2007 exhibit redefines the traditional model of what is expected from a gallery exhibit in Chelsea . The progressive nature of this venue is evident upon entering the McCormack Gallery. The exhibit focuses on the individual artists instead of a unified theme. In a sense, the theme of the exhibit is the artists themselves-- their ambition and will to be seen and heard-- emerging artists who grasped at the chance to succeed in territory that is often dominated by established artists.

The ambition of the finalists combined with the progressive thinking of Catherine McCormack-Skiba and the Myartspace staff was well rewarded. More than 500 people attended the opening reception, which was sponsored by Tiger Beer and Christiania Vodka. Catherine McCormack-Skiba, the founder of Myartspace commented "These events held in the heart of Chelsea, New York help solidify Myartspace's growing importance and influence in the art world".

Masha Ryskin, winner of the NY NY 2007 Competition mingles. Her installation is in the background.

In regards to the purpose of Myartspace.com McCormack-Skiba went on to say, "Our goal is to provide great opportunities for the Myartspace community. The New York, New York 2007 Competition allowed our global community to send four very talented people to New York to show off their best work. We think the exhibit could be a great springboard for those artists to further their art careers. I am proud of the exhibiting artists and look forward to representing future competition winners."

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