Friday, May 18, 2007

Art Space News: Banksy Strikes Again!

The controversial street artist has struck again! This time in the form of a provocative mural in north London. Banksy's image depicts a young girl being pulled into a cash machine by a robotic arm. The image was painted on a bricked-up window in Exmouth Market. It is the latest example of the artist's graffiti-style work.
Last year Banksy left a life-size replica of a Guantanamo Bay detainee at Disneyland, and decorated Israel's controversial West Bank barrier with satirical images of what life is like on the other side. Both images resulted in political unrest. He is also known for a small rock painting of a caveman pushing a supermarket trolley that spent several days in the British Museum before officials spotted it. In other words, Banksy is no stranger to controversy and will put himself at risk in order to make a statement.
Banksy's work has become sought-after in recent years. Celebrities have spent thousands to own his work. For example, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie reportedly spent several thousand on work by Banksy at a Los Angeles sale last year. Keanu Reeves and Jude Law have also spent thousands on Banksy's work.
Not everyone is a fan of Banksy's art. An anonymous person (or group) known as "Splasher" has been destroying street art by Banksy and other famous artists in New York. The Splasher uses a simple method- he slings paint over the original art. I suppose we will soon find out if there is a London 'Splasher'... if that happens he, she, or they could be coined as Jack the Splasher!
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Brian Sherwin

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Anonymous said...

i'm still wondering how he pulled off the disneyland stunt, as i heard it he put it on the matterhorn where the snowman is supposed to pop out. it totlly speaks to the sheeplike nature of people that noone noticed for hours thinking it was part of the ride.
his stuff reminds me of the operation mindfuck project that discordians were doing in the 70s