Saturday, December 16, 2006

Art Space Talk: Vasil Tsenev

I recently interviewed artist Vasil Tsenev. The interview was rather short due to the language barrier between us. However, I was able to gain some insight into the inner workings of this young artist.

Mr. Tsenev is a firm believer in the need for 'personal technique' in painting. He feels that every painter should try and discover a new manner of expression in order for said artist to have an authentic voice. This philosophy seems to be vital to his approach to painting.

Mr. Tsenev is an experimental painter. He works with various materials and has 'discovered' a way to utilize cinnamon in his paintings. He works on paper with materials that allow the cinnamon to 'cling' to the surface without flaking off. Mr. Tsenev calls his work Fine Cinnamon Art and claims to be the founder of this 'unique technique'.

Q. When did you first discover that art would be an important part of your adult life?

A. "When I found out that I can earn money while having a lot of fun."

Q. How has creating art shaped you professionally and personally?

A. "Not at all, it just makes me happy, and that is good for everybody."

Q. How has society influenced your art? Are there any social implications in your art?

A. "Absolutely not, I am not a priest."

Q. What are your artistic influences? Has anyone inspired you?

A. "There are no influences, I am looking for something new."

Q. On average, how long does it take you create one piece?

A. "The difficult thing is to find your own style and technique and to be good in it, to find your strengths, the rest comes easy. It could be one minute and it could be one year. It depends how I feel in my soul."

Q. Do you have any 'studio rituals'? As in, do you listen to certain types of music while working? What helps to get you in the mood for working?

A. "It is different every time. I know when I should not work.

Q. Discuss your art. What are you thinking when you create it?

A. "Everyone of them has its own personality. They are different like all the people on earth, and they have also a soul like we do. They also want to tell us something"

Q. Why did you choose the medium(s) that you use?

A. "Because they do a good job. I love CINNAMON."

Q. Do you have a degree or do you plan to attend school for art?

A. "I intend to start a school for artists in Vienna."

Q. Where can we see more of your art?


Q. Are you represented by a gallery? Do you have any upcoming exhibits?
A. "At the moment I am busy with other things like my University for business and the job, so I have no time for that."

Q. What trends do you see in the 'art world'?

A. "I am open to everything, it makes me happy that there are so many people loving art, so I have no fear."

Q. What was the toughest point in your career as an artist? Have you ever hit rock-bottom?

A. "I don't like the word career when we are talking about art, but anyway, they are a lot of such situations, and a lot that will follow in the future. We must stay strong and not give up. That's it."

Q. In one sentence... why do you create art?

A. "For the women it is easy, they can have babies ( most of them ), I want to give something to the world that is also beautiful."

Q. Can we find your art on MYARTSPACE.COM?

A. "Only one for now. vasco"

Q. What can you tell our readers about the art scene in your area?

A. "I am happy to be in Vienna, because this city is full of culture and I feel free among this atmosphere."

Q. Has politics ever entered your art?

A. "Maybe one day. If I become a wellknown person I will try to change something in the politicion's heads!!"

Q. Does religion, faith, or the lack thereof play a part in your art?

A. "It should be forbidden for people using religion, like a subject, for their art."

Q. Does your cultural background play a part in your work?

A. "It is my personality in centrum, it is me.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to say about your art or the 'art world'?

A. "I am just happy that I discoverd this world, and now I become a part of it. It is just great."

I hope that you have enjoyed my interview with Vasil Tsenev. Feel free to critique or discuss his work. Also, remember to keep an eye out for his gallery on Simply do a search for Vasco on the main site to find it.

Take care, Stay true,

Brian Sherwin

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