Saturday, September 30, 2006

CALL TO ARTISTS: An Introduction.

I want to give my personal welcome to artists of every style, medium and background to post a link to their personal art website. Feel free to introduce yourself and link your gallery as well. This is my 'hats off' to the many members of our community. Together we can make this blog an inclusive environment for each member who is willing to participate.

Comment on the galleries that are posted and expect others to comment on your gallery as well. This is an opportunity for us to see what our community has to offer and to talk about where we are going with our art. Please list any influences you may have or anything else that pertains to your work. How long have you worked? What are your artistic goals?

Sure, we may discuss some red-hot topics, but in the end we form connections that are positive as far as our development as artists is concerned. (It is important to think about every aspect of art).I can't promise that we will always have an amicable environment on the blog, but I can promise that there will always be new information and artists to challenge our way of thinking.My goal is for the blog to be mix of intellectual challenge and fun.

Take care, Stay true,

Brian Sherwin


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the positive message Brian. I'm still learning how to navigate this site but as soon as I get the chance to comment on the galleries, I will be doing it.


Balhatain said...

Yoshi, sounds good to me. :P

Robert, I'll be checking out your work shortly.

Balhatain said...


I'm a painter. I would really enjoy learning more about your work. Perhaps you would be willing to explain the process involved in contructing these pieces?

Anonymous said...

i've posted a few of my photographs and drawings on my website, (the music on the site is my husband's and his band's...) if you click one of the thumbnails, it will take you to a page with bigger images.

oh, and i'm a scientist, not an artist. but that's okay, isn't it?


Balhatain said...


"oh, and i'm a scientist, not an artist. but that's okay, isn't it?"

That is perfect. :P

Anonymous said...

hi, my name is ameliapeel
I have art here:
and i make music as well under the name ethelscull

allso on
love to hear comments. thanks!

Balhatain said...


Feel free to post an image and tell us all about the process. I'm interested and I'm sure other readers are as well.

Anonymous said...

yoshi again, here's my page..

Balhatain said...

Robert, will help you with preparing the images, I think.

As for my work... check out my gallery. Just do a search for Balhatain. I will probably be adding some new images on there soon.

Much of my work focuses on child neglect/abuse and the lack of communication that people seem to have. I'm very interested in the failure of interpersonal relationships. There is just so much conflict surrounding us on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name's Anna, and this is my website;
I'm a botanical illustrator and artist.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name's Anna, and I'm a botanical illustrator and artist. Here's my website;

Anonymous said...


your paintings have such nice texture! really nice.

and balhatain, thanks!

sendboij said...

hey every one! im sendboij, i enjoy experimenting new things..
heres my photoblog:
my blogger:

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

This is such an amazing idea (as i've already told you on LJ). Seriously, way to create a thought-provoking art site!

My name's Syd, i'm a painter. i'm very interested in the marraige of Pop Art criticality and bizarre narrative a la Neo Raush. How's that for a split?

My personal website is:

i just got a myartspace gallery, but i'm not sure how to link to it; it's under the handle "sydney" and there are three galleries of mine.

i can't wait to see how this site grows.... And let me know what y'all think of my work.